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4-H Program

Pleasant Hill Farm, LLC
1818 New Sharon Church Rd., Hillsborough, NC
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Hilltoppers 4-H Club
Hillsborough, NC

Hilltoppers 4-H Club is the largest 4-H club in
Orange County and one of the biggest clubs in North Carolina!! 

Hilltopper's 4-H Leaders 
Nan Guldenschuh, Rebecca Fecher and Cammie Fielding

 4-H Pledge
The pledge tells what 4-H is all about.
4-H has as its goal the four-fold development of youth:
Head, Heart, Hands and Health.

 4-H Mission
4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential, working and
learning in partnership with caring adults.

 4-H Vision
A world in which youth and adults learn, grow and work together
as catalysts for positive change.

 Motto: "To Make The Best Better"
The motto was adopted at about the same time as the 4-H Club Pledge.
Its intent is to inspire young people to continue to learn and grow, to make
their best efforts better through participating in educational experiences.

 "Learning by Doing"
This phrase sums up the educational philosophy of the 4-H program.
Young people learn best when they are involved in their learning.
The intent is to do, reflect, and apply.

4H club


2013 State Fair Entry

Photos from the
November 14, 2010
Hilltopper 4-H Club Meeting
A Mounted Equestrian Theme

girls on horses


Hilltopper 4-H Club

Next meeting

Saturday, February 14
at 10:00am

Meeting Days and Times:
Meetings are generally held on the
2nd Saturday of each month

Each meeting is different --
from field trips to clinics to
working on notebooks.

If you are interested in joining the Hilltopper 4-H Club,
contact Rebecca Fletcher at
for information and an application.

You can find them on Facebook too!
Hilltoppers 4-H Facebook Page

I Pledge my Head to clearer thinking,
my Heart to greater loyalty,
my Hands to larger service, and
my Health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

The seed of the 4-H idea of practical and “hands-on” learning came from the desire to make public school education more connected to country life. Early programs tied both public and private resources together for the purpose of helping rural youth.

Read more about 4-H at their

All students or horse lovers are encouraged to join the club.  Often you can learn more about the horse during a meeting than you would in your normal weekly lesson!

The Hilltoppers travel to some great 4-H shows every year...great competitions from the beaches to the mountains!  4-H shows boast big classes and low show fees!  To show on 4-H circuit, you must summit a 4-H notebook and do an Artistic Expression.